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Andrej Hribernik
October 31, 2020


Get your website professionally audited with an actionable checklist to improve your brand, UX design, UI design and performance.

Whenever you are looking at a business and wish to buy from them or even just go there and see what they offer, you always tend to go to their website. The website, in itself, gives you a variety of information on their products, prices, and what is upcoming in their new collections. Consistency is key for them, and that is why in order to keep the consistency for the customer, you have to audit your website to make sure that the information provided is true and reliable. Because if the customer doesn’t trust you, then who will?

In this article, you will be told about how you can audit your website and why it is a responsible thing to do it regularly and properly. This way, your website will remain a customer favorite, and your users will know that the information that you post is reliable and valid on the website. 

What is a Website Design Audit?

What is a Website Design Audit

A design audit or a website design audit is basically a check-up on the website to make sure that the information on the brand website is consistent and the information reliable so that the customers trust the brand. 

Auditing a website also can mean finding out that maybe there are some changes that need to be done to make sure that the information on your website is fresh and up to date. This is why it is necessary to audit your design website because what is popular in the world keeps changing. Especially in today’s time, when change occurs fast and quick, it is necessary that you and your company are updated to what compels people to click on your site. When you audit your website design, you make sure that the website is compelling and attention-grabbing.

Why is it Important to Have Regular Audits?

Now, this is important information, so listen closely. Most people don’t understand why auditing is done and why it is almost essential in making sure that your website and brand can succeed and attract more people. The reason for to audit is simple, to make sure that you are up-to-date with the current standards, and you make sure that all the information posted is dependable. Other than that, there are multiple reasons why you should audit and why it's helpful. 

Below are just some reasons why website design auditing may be a good idea for your business and brand.

Update Your Designs

Website Design Audit - Update Your Designs

Sometimes, the designs and images that you decided to put up for your products or on your website may have been good at attracting a lot of customers at hat tie. As time goes on and time passes and you have established yourself as a brand that is to be recognized, you do need to update your design game to match the products and the customer reach. The better the design game, the more the traffic on your website. Hence, it is necessary to go through your website design, and that can only happen if you do a website design audit. 

1. Branding Changes

Do you remember when you started your brand? And how you picked the most suitable tagline or saying that would best describe your work but also made sure that it reached your target audience? Well, this is something like that. Times change, and the needs of people change. 

Re-branding or the need to re-brand can only be found out if you audit your website and figure out what needs to be changed and what can stay. This is why website design auditing will be a good idea for you to do after a couple of years because it will help create a healthy market for change and acceptability. 

2. Start an Auditing Market

The market for auditing is always open. Most companies don’t want to go through with the auditing process themselves because it takes time, and the approach to it can come off as something biased. That is why if you feel like you have audited your company or brand to the best degree, then you can offer your services to other companies for a price. This way, this is another revenue for you to make a profit. 

If you see the reason mentioned above, you will be able to tell why website auditing is a good idea for you to do. This will help your brand succeed healthily and constructively with you, putting the interest of the customers and users before anything else. The more you do that, the more the customers will recognize it and would be loyal to you and your brand. 

How to Conduct a Website Design Audit

Now, this is the part of the article where you will be told what you can do to make sure that you can achieve the level of consistency in your website by auditing. Read carefully as this may help you with your business. 

1. What Do Your Require Out of the Audit

Now, this is important. Before anything, you need to be aware of what your criteria is for the auditing process. In this article, we are talking about website design, so you will need to see what is the criteria for auditing a design website. What do you wish to change? The font, hyperlinks, pictures, or tags? Do you want to make the writing on your website more relatable, or do you want it to be more direct? Do you wish for it to be minimalistic, or do you want a lot of information on the page? 

These are all the questions that you will ask when deciding what the criteria of the audit is and what you wish to get out of this. Once you do that, you will know and understand the direction you are heading in. 

2. Be Prepared and Organised

The worst thing to happen is if you are auditing but not keeping track of the changes happening. Being organized and making a spreadsheet or a file in which you can write down the necessary information will not only help you but also help the company. It will help the company because it will keep the information on what changed, why it changed, and what it is now. 

While auditing, a spreadsheet is a good way to take notes and make sure you tick off all the things you had prepared to do. This way, you will not forget, and you will remember what exactly needs to be done, what you have done, and what you are currently doing. Prioritizing what needs to be done first and what can be delayed will be helped a lot if you are prepared. 

3. Know Your Budget

If you are auditing your website design, a little tweak here and a little tweak there is fine, and you will be able to deal with it. If, on the other hand, you are deciding to change your website entirely or are deciding to make major changes, then you need to know if you can afford it. The only way to go forth in that is to know your budget and how much you can spend. 

If you are looking at tips on how you can audit a website design, then knowing your budget is something of importance. You need to be aware of the cost of the changes you wish to make and if your company or brand can afford it. If they can, then you can go ahead and do it. If they can’t, you then just have to figure out other ways to go about it. 

4. Be Prepared to Convince the Big Guns

No change can occur in the company or in the brand until you get the approval of the CEO, or someone in charge approves it. Make sure that you are prepared for that presentation and meeting. You need to know all the facts, why you want to make the changes and statistics backing up your proposition so that you can make a convincing argument. You will need to show data that supports your claim and how, if the changes are made, it will boost the credibility and the success of the brand and the company. 

Once you have convinced the big guns, you can then take a sigh of relief because you have just managed to get the auditing of your website approved, and the changes will then be made to make sure that the website works better than before. 

Website Design Audit

In this article, you learned what auditing is, why it is important and how you can go about it to make sure that your brand keeps on succeeding and gaining the attention of customers from all walks of life. If your brand keeps evolving with the times, it is proof that you wish to make positive changes to provide your target audience and customers, in general, the best service. So, don’t waste any more time and go audit your website design now because it’s the first thing anyone sees.


Get your website professionally audited with an actionable checklist to improve your brand, UX design, UI design and performance.
Andrej Hribernik
A freelance web designer and developer, working with big and small companies who want to build remarkable web presence with a remarkable brand. You can find him at

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Get your website professionally audited with an actionable checklist to improve your brand, UX design, UI design and performance.
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