Web Design: Luck Is Not A Strategy

Post by:
Andrej Hribernik

We are sure you have been getting enough customers to stay afloat. And, even if this has been going on for a while now, not having a proper web design strategy might cause you to run out of luck soon. Yet, you can design to implement a strategy today and be in full control of your progress, success, and company growth. Here is what to keep in mind!

A Website Should Be Appealing to Your Target Market

You are not creating a website for yourself, but for your audience. So, even if you have decided that it will be fine for now, your potential customers might not think the same. A proactive website design strategy should target your buyer persona and offer to resolve a problem. Here’s how. 

Identify Your Buyer Persona

First off, have a look at your market and examine your buyer persona. This is the ideal customer you are aiming to have for your business, but it might also represent the clients you have now. 

If you are starting your new company or brand from scratch, you can create this buyer persona based on what you would like your target audience to be. Oppositely, if you are happy with the clients you have now, you might just decide to analyze their characteristics and improve your products to make them always more appealing and current.

When crafting the ideal buyer persona, be as specific as possible - start by giving her or him a name! From there, start identifying the buyer persona’s personality. You can do so by understanding your target audience’s background, desires, wants, achievements, financial status, marital status, and problems. Once all that is clear and you can picture a real person in front of you, it is time to empathize with them and provide a solution for the problems they are experiencing!

How Can You Solve Their Problems?

Your website should clearly state where the product’s idea is coming from and what issues it is aiming to solve. While doing so, don’t forget to empathic with the customer, making sure you understand what their daily challenges are. Don’t be shy to ask your existing customers for feedback - their responses might offer you valuable insights on how to address the problems your audience is experiencing!

What Makes Your Company Different?

The internet has offered any entrepreneur with a bright idea the chance to develop a company and conquer a slice of the market for themselves. However, if opportunities have increased, the competition out there has never been fiercer! So, what makes your new company different from the several others out there? Are you offering cheaper pricing or cutting-edge products? Are you more sustainable than the other companies or more involved with community projects? Whatever your unique selling point is, make sure you are communicating it - bright and clear - to your existing audience and potential customers. 

Don’t Leave It to Luck - Strategy Tips for Your New Website.

When it comes down to website development, you can’t leave the smallest detail to luck. If you have decided not to improvise, the agency you have partnered with will help you craft a strategic website. Here are some tips for implementing before anything else.

Content and SEO

The content you decide to publish on your website can make a difference, and the words you use can be powerful. Making sure your SEO strategy is up to date is the key to making sure that your content is visible and findable by new users and existing customers. Don’t overlook this aspect!

Email Outreach Strategies and Newsletters

No money or effort is wasted when you decide to invest in creating valuable connections with your customers. An email outreach strategy or newsletter can help you build these connections that will pay you back in loyalty and improved brand image. And, you can have an exclusive communication channel with your customers that you can count on - something extremely important when you have just released a new product or service you need to sell!

Leverage Ads

Ads are an excellent way to increase the visibility of your website and ensure that you can start making money out of it - even if you have launched a personal blog. With an extremely limited initial investment, you can start counting on a little more earnings. 

Don’t Forget a Call to Action.

Adding a smart call to action on your website is crucial. Indeed, not every entrepreneur launches a website with the sole aim to sell products - at least at first. You might be looking for a partnership, outreach, or increased interest. Whatever you would like your website users to do - tell them! A clever call to action is an excellent way to communicate with your users and show them what the next step along is. 

Tell Your Story

Don’t forget to craft a state-of-the-art “About Us” page. This is not just an extra way to fill another tab; it is also an essential instrument you can use to start building valuable connections with your users. Using the power of storytelling, you can let your users in, allowing them to discover more about your brand, values, and mission. When doing so, make sure you are transparent and honest - don’t cut out the challenges and obstacles you have met along the road!

Make It Fast, Easy, and Clear

We all live a fast-paced lifestyle, and nobody wants to waste time on a page that is not leading or working properly! That is where a professional developer can help you. Creating a website that is clear and easy to navigate is crucial. It will help to offer the information your users need in seconds and - through a smart call to action - you can tell them what to do next, keeping them on your site for longer!

Don’t Make It Up – Speak to an Expert.

Your website should be your business’ window and the best way to communicate with your customers and potential clients. If you have been investing in facilities, courses, and tools, you can’t forget about asking a professional to create your website. This choice can help you obtain a website design that is fast, easy to navigate, and suitable specifically for your target market.