Top 5 Of the Best Website Designs of June 2020

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Andrej Hribernik

These are the top 5 best designed websites of June that you must check out. These websites might look and feel different than most sites out there, but these designs work out brilliantly.

These Websites will prove you quite a lot of inspiration while designing your Website in the future or your current projects.

And here is the list of the 5 Best Website Designs:

At number one, I have; the Website boots up with intro music, which might not be appealing to everyone, but it'll capture your attention right away. Alan Menken is a musician and a writer with incredible talent in music. He has composed many famous Disney tracks. The Website does a wonderful job of getting you immersed in his music and while showcasing his work. I can feel that Alan's goal with this Website to create a pleasant musical experience for you. The site has many quirky features throughout, such as jumping animations and typography.

The Website covers many songs with a video clip of that particular song. Each song is followed by an article that further explains the artist's journey while creating that song. It creates an amazing experience for the audience through music and beautiful visuals. Some of the most famous song composed by Alan has been a feature in movies like Aladin, beauty and beast, the little mermaid, Hercules and many more. The Website has a 3d look and feels with a lot of animation, which I think slightly slow down that Website, but the overall layout is simply amazing. It is a genius way to communicate music and his work. If you are Disney fans and music lovers, make sure to check out this Website; you'll love it.

Everpost is one of the best websites for all the video editors out there, it looks and feels like a 3d world of videos and interactive features that this site offers. What I like about this Website is that it is very simple yet very interactive and filled with amazing animations. Though the scrolling experience, you can feel the attention to detail the developer has put into this Website. You startup with a clear white background. Once you start scrolling, you get immersed in duotone visuals. The site is very consistent and showcases the feature it offers to video editors. Usually, these types of websites are very boring and lame, but this is not the case with Everpost.

The Website illustrates its value proposition with a clock showing how they edit your videos as you scroll through that website start to jump through different sections, and it works seamlessly well. It keeps you engaged with it in a very interactive way; you can feel the design team has created an exercise that is pleasant to the eye and delivers sufficient information. It is a perfect demonstration of simplicity and creativity at the same it. The Website is very responsive and loads very fast, even though it based on animation after the animation; the mobile version is as good as the desktop website, make sure to check it out and experience this wonderfully designed Website for yourself. 

Framer has launched a new website, and it everything you'd expect from the framer, the Website has a stunning look and feel and extraordinarily interactive and fun to use. We're living a world where dark mode has become a thing all the new high-end smartphones and laptops come with a dark mode feature. It is designed in a way that gives you a feeling of dark mode with its black background. While maintaining it extremely colorful with fun and bubbly typography, stunning animations, and 3d elements.

Even though the Website has a lot of animations and 3d features popping up from everywhere, the scroll is very responsive, and there are no lags at all, but of course, it depends on your internet connection. In terms of using it does a great job. Everything is well thought out and arranged in a very user-friendly manner. Once you start scrolling, you'll find the information very quickly without going into multiple menus and tab. I love the new framers' Website. They have done an excellent job with the different visuals and amazing animations it for sure keeps the audience engaged. I spent quite a lot of time on it just because the design is very captivating.

In the fourth position, I have a studio website. At very first glance, you immediately feel that it's not your typical vertical scroll website; it's entirely horizontal; it looks like a studio album, and the transitions between the slides and the animations are smooth and seamless. Each slide slightly changes its color based on the content or artwork being present on the slide; the overall color scheme is delightful and gentle on the eyes. Typography is good, but in many places throughout, you'll feel that the text is uncomfortably small to read. One more downside of the Website is its navigation system; once you scroll forward into the slides, you can't just go back without going back to the beginning.

The navigation control is not a very good design choice. There should be more control given to users in terms of navigation. If you ignore these small things, the website layout is exquisite and classy. While going through the different projects in the Website, it feels like going through a book or a novel the image stays in the center and the number changes, the transition is lovely and has a very relaxed vibe to it. If you are looking forward to the portfolio website, you should consider a similar design; it does a beautiful job showcasing your photos and imagery. Overall I love the design on this Website, but the mobile version is a little disappointing its doesn't look stunning as the desktop version.

Last but not least, we have the careers website of the, and yes, it's just their careers website, not their actual Website. Just like has a horizontal layout, which we usually don't get to see on most sites. This Website has png. Imaginary used all over it with a depth of field like background experience. The typography and color used on this Website are amazing to look at and give the Website a very relaxed and modern look. The transition and animation are smooth, and there no lag while scrolling through it. However, I feel like some content is overlapped by the logo in many places.

The overlapping can make the text hard to read, which disappoints because of how beautifully the Website it designed. Overall it does an excellent job of providing the information which it was intended to do. The mobile version of this Website is also a plus. The adaptation is quick and responsive and looks just as good as the desktop version of the Website.

Conclusion for Top 5 Best Website Designs

So these are the top 5 best website designs, in my opinion, in terms of looks interactive design. All of these Websites are unique and different and will provide you a lot of inspiration for your future projects. I highly recommend you to visit this incredible Website and take a look at the creative and intuitive designs that the developer has created.