The Power of Your Personal Brand Story

Post by:
Andrej Hribernik

Creating a brand is something; communicating it to your audience is something else. And, leveraging the power of storytelling to unveil the person behind the brand is something that can help you connect with the people beyond your customers. 

Such a powerful emotional connection won't only convince them to buy your product or service, but also create a real, valuable connection that is at the base of every successful company. Here is why you might think again about your standard "About Us" page and transform it into a capturing personal story.

Create an Emotional Connection

Especially if you run your business only online, you might never need to get directly in contact or meet your customers. However, this can significantly harm your brand image, especially as customers are always more searching for real connections. After all, your brand is just an idea that developed from your past experiences and background, so why not infuse a little more of you into the way you communicate your brand?!

Speak in Your Own Voice

When developing a company's website or marketing strategy, we always tend to speak as if we were our buyer persona. We try to empathize with their problems, create a solution that fits their values and budget, and convince them that our company is exactly what they were looking for. However, there should be a corner of your website that says more about you. So, when telling the story of your brand, don't do so to lure customers in. Instead, show the real side of your company, the struggles, inspiration, and aims. 

It Is All About Transparency

People still seek to find a human connection, both in their private and professional life. While your marketing campaign and service pages are ready to display the products you offer in an appealing way, you know that everything has not always gone to plan. And, being truthful is not only about showing your flaws, but it is also about gaining your audience's trust. For example, showing what your company's future projects and telling all about the effort you are putting into it are a good starting point!

Portray Yourself As You Are – Human, Vulnerable, and Real

Your brand would not exist without you - be proud! However, you are not a computer or just a curriculum vitae. So, show yourself to your audience for what you are and gain your audience's appreciation, trust, and admiration before they even get to check out the products you have created.

Tell Your Brand Story to Let Your Audience In

Telling your personal brand story does not have to be a narcissistic exercise. Rather, you should aim at showing some of your flaws and failures - because everybody has some - to connect with your audience. Through this strategy, you will allow your customers to discover the mind and soul behind each product, the goal of your services, and the struggles you had to go through to create your brand as it is today. 

Drop the Resume Tone

Writing about your personal and professional experiences is not a way to show off your resume. For that, your clients might find you on LinkedIn, and check out your qualifications and certifications. Instead, telling your story similar to how you would tell a friend or a person in front of you can make it much more real and believable. 

Share Your Journey and Challenges

For how much you would like to tell that it has all been smooth sailing, it is more likely that you have navigated through all the ups and downs of creating a company or personal brand from scratch. And, your audience is all ears!

When telling your story, start from the beginning and take your time and allow the reader to emphasize your past challenges. Taking them on the same journey, you have gone through might offer them a better point of view on the ethos behind your company. 

Communicate Your Experience and Background

Of course, everybody wants to hire a highly-skilled, highly-trained professional. And, even if you are so, the chances are that it has not always been like that. So, rather than listing your achievements and certifications, opt to unveil what has led you to make certain choices.

All About Your Relationships and Partnerships

If you are where you are today, it might also be because of your professional and personal relationships. If they have been a source of inspiration and motivation, it is time to tell your audience! 

Introduce your reader to the people close to you, as well as the partners and mentors who have helped you reach your achievements. This is also a way to communicate more about your past personal and educational formation.

Unveil Your Inspiration and Motivation

At some point, something would have happened to make you decide to invest in the creation of a specific product or service. You must have had a goal and mission when you decided to put your brainchild on the market! Showing your audience what the thought process behind a specific process can truly help them understand more the company's ethos. And, maybe, they will see another reason to buy your product and employ you!

Add an Extra Invite

Before ending your personal brand story, make sure you are leaving a clean, open communication channel your audience can use. Indeed, your customers and clients - when read well - can offer you extremely valuable insights regarding the way you should lead and grow your company. Encouraging them to get in touch with you for suggestions, ideas, questions, and opinions can be the key to improvement. 

You can easily create this powerful channel by adding the link to your social media pages, podcast, or email. At the end of your personal brand story, make sure you add a clear call to action that can encourage people to get in touch with you and create that valuable connection you are searching for. 

While this might be a little extra, it can truly help them feel more connected with your persona and personal brand. And, once a customer is loyal, you can count on a better image, reputation, and, as a side benefit, increased profits!