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Andrej Hribernik
June 30, 2020

Changing someone’s perspective on a topic can be considered as the most challenging thing to do. Multiple exposures on trying to do so will make one contemplate and reflect on how tremendously hard such a task might be. 

One can begin with self-reflection, think of a time when someone was successfully able to change the way you think about certain things. Certainly not the petite everyday issues, something more, something big. 

Reflecting more on this thought will lead you to know that such incidents only occur rarely. Consequently, it leads us to believe that not everyone is able to change a normal human perspective or belief.

Since it can’t be done this easily, it leads us to an optimum conclusion. Is this the reason why marketers trying their utmost best to market their products or services fail most of the time tremendously?

What Are The Marketers Doing?

The marketers, on the other hand, are living in a false bubble of apprehension, which they create to mislead the customers into selling their products. The wrong approach, which focuses on changing the perspective, leads to the downfall.

The marketers need to understand; the fact that an advertisement of not more than a few words can certainly not change the viewer's perspective. An email will certainly not help in retaining customers. Positioning customers as someone who is in dire need to be saved will not help you build a clientele.

What Is The Right Thing To Do?

When we talk about the ultimate thing, the solution is simple. Such solutions are often known by the majority of us, but we never tried them to implement it in the right way. Talking about the right way, when one truly aims to sympathize and empathize with someone, they try to put themselves in the victim’s shoes. This is the saying that has been forever circulating. Put yourself in his shoes and see how it feels, you are bound to have heard this throughout your life.

But when we talk about customers, the right thing is a bit more complicated. Putting yourself in their shoes might not be enough at times. The most effective way to do so is to try to view the world through their eyes. Picturing it the way they see it, their perspective, their sight, their lense is what you need to put on.

The view that every individual holds of the world has a huge impact on their actions. Knowing the source which pressures the endpoint is what you need to identify. In this case, you need to know what causes an individual to act a certain way. The answer is simple. Their views make them act. By simply knowing and viewing the world from their views one can easily figure out the rest.

The Effects Of Lenses, And How Can They Aid You?

To say the least, there are many people who may have shared the same values and the same set of beliefs. They may own the same perspective, but one thing that the entrepreneurs, specifically marketers, need to understand is that, knowing the perspective of the target market can be an easier task.

This perspective often misleads a lot of marketers who treat this as a be-all and end-all. What they need to understand is that they need to form a deeper insight into every consumer in order to have a huge clientele of acquired as well as retained customers.

Having to see things from the customers’ perspective will tell you exactly what you need to put in front of them to get the desired action in return.

There are multiple proven psychological types of research that claim that human brains look for ease and comfort. This is the reason why brains adopt a single style. A single set of beliefs and guidelines which are equipped throughout the life. These beliefs are further strengthened when any negative situation arises. The way the brain responds to cater to it and how it formulates a somewhat optimistic opinion regarding it says a lot about the sense that individuals may form. Many consistently claim that our brain strives to form easy narratives, which often lead to potential threats to our formed vision. The way the person deals with the threats and subdue its effects are what you need to focus on.

Why Does Forming Lenses Matter?

These lenses hold a strong impact on the overall individual. The people are said to change their lenses and adapt to simpler sets of beliefs that are moving around them. This is what a person who belongs to marketing needs to target. It is researched and proven that more the people feel that their identities and set of values and beliefs are threatened, the more they try to avoid that situation.

Do Not Trigger Your Audience

This is one thing that a good marketer needs to understand. The audiences that involve these people are highly sensitive and susceptible to e triggered easily once their views and values are challenged. They tend to do anything within their capacity to neglect and disregard the opinions long with the product or service you may offer. If the product is not acceptable according to their set vision, it will certainly not be accepted easily.

It is the duty of the entrepreneur to market the formed product or service through such communication modes that it does not alarm their reflex actions. It should in no way negatively alarm them.

Break Down The Target Audience

Breaking down into simpler hubs, the target audiences can be focused comprehensively. Along with this, one can easily formulate a practical insight on what is the ideal product in the eyes of your customer. Once you have gotten such an insight, the next step involves forming a product or service around the views that the people have just conversed with. It is a bit difficult to gain insight for each of your customers or your potential customer, which is why one can try identifying patterns and forming the products on repetitive opinions and demands.

Use These Insights For Your Own Benefit

Another thing one needs to identify is the fact that over the period of time, the insights, the lenses that people are carrying tend to evolve and change. One can consider multiple examples in this regard. An advertisement featuring a black woman wouldn’t have caused much of leads in the olden days, but now people look for advertisements that are free from racism. Another example could that previously, people used to gush in awe at the sight of pretty and petite women modeling and leading the showbiz but these days it is open for women with all body types. 

In order to become an effective marketer, one needs to know the importance of identifying the right problem of the target market. Many researchers have effectively talked about how ineffective it is to talk about a few problems that you have to assume exists I the life of your consumer. 

In simple words, you cannot convince someone to buy a product for a problem which certainly does not exist in their life. The result will be extremely negative. One has to work very smartly when they try catering to the problems faced by the consumers. One has to focus on a specific target market. Furthermore, identify the patterns and troubles faced by the consumers. Many entrepreneurs create the products around their assumed problems of the target market and work on selling it.

However, this is not possible. One can certainly not sell something for a problem that the target market is not yet ready to recognize. The right way is to feature products or services around the problems that the target market effectively talks about, a problem for which they want a solution right away. Catering such needs of your customers can create an immense boom in the business.

A person who sees no issue with the physique of their body can certainly not be convinced to lose weight just because you have a product specifically manufactured in this regard.

Do not create products, services or even promotional activities, including advertisements in ways that may lead to threatening their set lense. In fact, what the right way could be is to reinforce the belief the viewers already have. Reinforcing and uplifting the already established views and further promoting your product or service, along with it could practically become a massive strategy to gain more customers and retain the existing ones.

Conclusively the right way is not to create the product first but to gain effective insights on the mind of the customers who will be purchasing the product. Furthermore, after gaining insight, the people can try to formulate a product or service which best features the insights of the target market. Knowing the target market well enough could benefit the entrepreneur in countless ways. The right way does not certainly focus on restrictive views, but it talks about gaining proper insight and viewing the world through the customers’ lenses.

Andrej Hribernik
A freelance web designer and developer, working with big and small companies who want to build remarkable web presence with a remarkable brand. You can find him at

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