How to See The World As Your Customer Does

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Andrej Hribernik

When you are passionate about a topic or a cause it is natural that you want to change other people’s views to your own view. This can however be the most difficult thing to do and trying to do so will only make you realise just how huge such a task is. 

To help you understand this better, try to think of a time when someone was able to successfully influence the manner in which you thought about certain things. These things in question are not minor day to day events, rather things of importance that control your philosophy.

When you think deeply, you begin to understand that these philosophical changes influenced by others rarely occur, if ever. Consequently, it can be said that no two people have the same belief or perspective. Considering just how difficult it is to influence change in a person’s philosophy, it begs the question, if this is the reason why marketers hoping to sell their services and products tend to fall flat?

This article seeks to expose you to the right ways to effectively see from your customers point of view as a marketer or an entrepreneur, it covers;

  • What exactly are marketers doing?
  • What is the right way to go about this?
  • The effect of perspective and how it can help you
  • Why does creating a perspective matter?
  • Try not to trigger your target audience
  • Dissect your target audience
  • Use your insights to benefit you
How to see the world as your customer does (INFOGRAPHIC) -

What exactly are marketers doing?

What exactly are marketers doing? -

Conversely, there seems to be a disconnect between you (the marketer) and your customers, in the sense that you sell your products not by highlighting their qualities but instead, by telling your customers what you believe they want to hear. This is an incorrect approach which is doomed to fail as it wholly focuses on pushing a particular perspective.

As a marketer, you have to understand that an advert that contains just a few words is unlikely to change the perspective of your targetted audience. Just as an email doesn’t help in retaining your customers. The way you viewed customers as individuals that require your product or service as a matter of life and death is not going to work in your favour. That is no way to develop a clientele. 

What is the right way to go about this?

Place yourself in your customer's perspective

When it comes to the right way to do this, there is clearly only one solution. This solution is one that is well known by the majority of marketers, however, it is never implemented the correct way. The right way, stresses on truly empathising and sympathising with the person at the other side of the deal, placing yourself in their shoes, and seeing things from their perspective. When you are able to see life from your potential customer’s point of view, you will be able to get insight that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Placing yourself in your customer’s perspective can be quite a lot more complicated than simply saying it.  Most people tend to “wear the shoe” to understand those around them, but as a marketer, you must do more. The view and mindset that every person holds of their world play an important role in how they act. Being able to comprehend the source of pressure ensures that you are able to truly identify their endpoint. In this scenario, you simply need to understand why an individual acts the way they do. The answer to that can be quite basic, they act the way they do as a result of their views. By taking the time to get to know them, see the world the way they do, you are better able to understand other aspects of their life.

The effect of perspective and how it can help you

Your customer's perspective

If there is one true fact, it is the fact that there are numerous people all over the world that share the same belief systems and values. They might also share a similar perspective, however, as a marketer, you have to know that understanding your target audience’s perspective can be a much easier task if you understand their views. This lack of perspective erroneously causes you to treat one set of your target audience as the rest. It is important to understand that a much deeper insight into each and every customer is key to building a massive clientele and retaining customers. Being able to see things from the customers’ perspective can help you ascertain what it is they want and how you can get your desired goal in return.

There are quite a number of accredited psychological research which hypothesise that the human brain searched for comfort and ease. It is for this reason that we adopt a solitary lifestyle, as well as having a simple set of guidelines and beliefs to help us with our day to day life. These beliefs are of course further developed and entrenched when adversity occurs. The manner in which the brain responds to the negative situation, creating something of a positive opinion says a lot about how our belief systems are formulated.

Numerous schools of thought state that our brains prefer to create easy narratives which could cause a sense of myopia in our formed thoughts. The manner in which an individual handles threats and eradicates its influence are what you need to concentrate on to easily influence or persuade them.

Why does creating a perspective matter?

Perspective exerts sufficient influence on any individual. As a marketer, you need to understand what it means to change your perspective and how one can adapt to a new set of beliefs to match the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in. As a marketer, this is what you need to target. Proven research has shown that when people feel their set of values and identities are being threatened, they tend to avoid that particular situation.

Try not to trigger your target audience

Angry customer

This is something that every great marketer needs to know. There is no doubt that your target audience includes individuals that are extremely sensitive and cautious once they believe their values and views are being challenged. They will do whatever they can to avoid and completely disregard the opinions and thoughts that cause them grief. This means if your product or service stirs up that feeling, they are likely to avoid it. And even if they can't, they will fight tooth and nail to not accept it.

It is your duty as a marketer to advertise the wholly formed service or product using communication methods that do not trigger their reflex actions. At no point should anything concerning your product trigger them.

Dissect your target audience

To dissect your target audience simply means to break them down into simpler groups. Doing so enables you to comprehensively focus on them. Asides from this, you have to create a workable insight on what your prospective customer views as an ideal product. The moment you have that level of insight, you can then move on to creating a service or product with those views in mind. To gain insight, you will have to try to identify patterns within your target audience. This is because it is impossible to understand every single one of your customers.

Use your insights to benefit you 

One thing that you have to recognise is that over time, the insights, the perspectives that people hold can change and evolve. There are numerous examples that buttress this. For one, certain adverts that would have been the norm decades ago would be described as tasteless and offensive today. 

In today’s world, people search for nuances that might be present in today’s ads. For one to become an effective marketer, one has to understand the importance of recognising what your target audience’s issue might be. Numerous researchers have effectively spoken about how ineffective it is to presume and classify what your potential customers view as problems. There is a saying in marketing, present a problem and sell the solution. While there is nothing wrong with this, you cannot claim to sell the solution to a problem that they don’t know exists in their life. 

When this happens, the results become negative. It is important that you find a way to expertly cater to the problems your customers have without letting them know that they do have problems. A solution to this conundrum is to concentrate on a particular target market. Additionally, you can identify the patterns as well as the issues your consumers face. Numerous marketers develop products around these presumed problems and then sell it. 

While this might sound right, it is not plausible. You cannot sell something as a solution to a target audience that hasn’t recognised the problem. The most effective way is to feature services and products around the issues that your target audience has already recognised. This will provide them with a solution they will want as soon as possible. When you cater to your customers’ needs you develop a boom. This is why you shouldn’t go with first creating a product. 

In conclusion, the best way to get the best out of customers is to develop an effective insight into what they want. Learn to understand what your customers are thinking. Once you gain this insight, you can then create a service or product that best serves those needs. Fully understanding your target audience can benefit you in numerous ways. The most effective approach doesn’t concentrate on restrictive views, however, it does deal with gaining additional insight and of course understanding your customers’ perspective.