Good and Bad Service Provider

Post by:
Andrej Hribernik

The fundamental of a good web designing service is that your designing skills are phenomenal. Everything comes next! When clients look for a service, the look at 2 things in particular:

  1. The Portfolio of an individual
  2. Customer Ratings and Reviews

Depending on both of these, they will either choose you or reject you. For good customer reviews, you will have to provide good service along with work. We shall discuss its importance.

What are the features of a good service provider?

The good features of a service provider are mostly related to the behavior of the designer towards the client. Here are some good features of a good service provider. These features will show the importance of good service providers.

On-time delivery of work

Clients usually work with a restricted schedule. This is one of the primary reasons they ask you specifically for the time you would require to get the job done. Once you have given the time frame, you should ensure it is done within that. It will save the client from embarrassment and generate trust.

Good communication

Instead of beating about the bush, it is a good practice to communicate with the clients openly and directly about issues, regardless of how embarrassed it makes you feel. This reduction of the communication gap will ensure that no unprecedented problems arise.

Being mindful of client’s feedback

Since clients are getting something developed for their business and personal use, they have more say on what makes them comfortable regarding the work. Designers should pay more heed to the client’s personal preferences, put their ego aside, and ensure client’s satisfaction above all.

Developing Friendly Relationships

You should initiate or respond to small talks with the clients, or even spend time with them other than work. This strengthening of relationships ensures more customer satisfaction and is good for future prospects of more collaboration with the client.

These were some of features of good service provider. These good service practices will help you grow. 

How good service will help your business?

Good service is essential to a healthy business because, with good service, clients gravitate towards you through a complex network. Here is how your business will grow:

It will improve your ratings and reviews

As mentioned before, most clients check the customer reviews before deciding to choose the client. With good customer service, client satisfaction will compel them to leave a good review for you, and in turn it will increase the overall confidence of people (looking for designers) in you.

Clients will collaborate with you more often

Once a client finds someone they trust and like, they are less likely to go somewhere else for the particular service. Consequently, more work will be assigned to you from those very clients, which will eventually profit you. In most cases, they will come to you even if you increase your pricing.

Clients will spread the word out

Clients that have benefited from your service will tell their peers and friends about you. They will also recommend you if inquired about the particular job. This will help spread the word about your service and increase the probability of getting more clients.

You may get bigger projects

Designers have to usually start with smaller projects, and it is unusual for them to get big gigs in the diverse market. If your service is exceptionally good, eventually you will land on a big project that will further improve your reputation, and help you make a fortune.

This is how good service practices will help you. These points will surely help you understand the importance of good service providers.

How bad service will ruin your business?

The effects of bad service are the exact opposite of the effects of good service. However, in this case, those effects can be more endangering and disastrous. Here’s how:

You may lose the market entirely

Once you are known for providing bad services, you may never be able to gain the reputation again. Your services get ingrained within the records and regardless of how much you change, your business can never grow.

Clients may lose trust in you

A client only collaborates with you if he or she trusts you. When that trust is gone, so is the collaboration. It is therefore essential to leave a good first impression as it would decide the future prospects of getting more and better projects.

Your word will spread out, but a bad one

Just like clients spread the good word out, they do so otherwise. And it’s probably impossible to convince someone of your worth or good service if the word that’s been out is bad. It will ruin your business as you won’t get new projects.

So, always try to adopt good service practices.

Tips to improve your customer service?

If you think your services are not up to the mark, here are some tips you can follow to improve your service to clients:

Give clients more than they bargained for

It’s usually the designer that understands what additional things the client can have that will facilitate them more. If you give them more and explain how it will further benefit them, it will be impressive. It will increase the client’s regard for you and boost your reputation.

Increase creativity in your work

While it’s necessary to fulfill all the client’s requirements, you should be creative enough to try new things. Clients are not usually skills in the work they assign, so they’re not aware of the various things that can be tried. If you use your creativity you could potentially make something ground-breaking for them, and it will be the start of something bigger for both you and the client.

Keep asking for client’s feedback

As the work progresses, the client may have new ideas or thoughts regarding the project. If you do ask for feedback while the work is being done, by the end of the project client will get exactly what they asked for at that point in time.


This above guide shows the importance of good service providers. Good service is all about treating the clients like they deserved to be treated, and it goes a long way beyond the professional life. Moreover, providing good service is not only good for your business, but it will also spark a moral upheaval within yourself, and this humane behavior may influence others to adopt it within their life, leading to society’s overall progress.