Freelancer or Web Development Agency: Which is the Best Choice for Your Business?

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Andrej Hribernik

When starting a business, it is imperative that you reach a larger audience. In today’s world, everything from marketing to selling a product is done and can be done online. What you will need to do when starting your own company is focusing on your digital marketing system. What you need, as an up and coming business, is to have a website that can represent your values and your product in a way that is beneficial to the consumer. 

So, now that you have that in mind, how can you manifest that thought into reality. This is where this article will help you. What you now require are professionals who can design your website. There are two options to go for. You can either go for freelancers or web development agency. In this article, you will be informed about the pros and cons of using each as a way to make your website.



So, what is a freelancer? A freelancer is someone who is self-employed and is not connected to or partnered with an agency. This means that they have the ability to set their own rates, their own time, and can work in an environment of their choosing. They have no constraints of an agency, and there are no limitations to what they can and cannot do. 

Now the question that is the most important one is, is a freelancer the best choice for your business? Is it best for your business to have a website made by a freelancer? Before you come to the conclusion of yes or no, let’s see the pros and cons of using a freelancer for your business.



The biggest benefit of hiring a freelance to work for your business is that they have the freedom to give you what you want. A freelancer has the benefit of having ample time, no constraints as to working hours, and the flexibility of being able to achieve and follow any direction that you wish to acquire easily and without any hindrance. 

1. Price

It’s pretty obvious, but most businesses would rather pay one person to do a job rather than paying an entire team. Because freelancers are not a company or part of a team. Anything you pay them goes directly to them. Thus, you can provide incentives to freelancers to create productivity.

2. Easy Availability

This means that you can easily find a freelancer. From just searching online or asking someone else who owns a business, hiring a freelancer is easy. They are found in abundance, and you can easily hire one at a price that seems fit to you. 


1. Expertise in One Area

Though freelancers are great at doing their work, the fact that they work alone, without a team means that they only have a specific set of skills. As a business, you may require more skills and more productivity. In this case, freelancers may not be the one for your business. 

2. No Contract

Because freelancers work independently and without a contract, there is an added fear that a freelancer can just up and walk away from a project. That could be because of a number of reasons, but for a business, this may not be the right way to go for your business. 

3. Difficult to Manage

Because they control their own time, and they will and can-do work when they want to, they can be difficult to manage. As they are not your employees, and they don’t really answer to anyone, there is a higher chance that they may end up doing what they feel is best. A business requires time management and organization that most freelance workers lack. 

Web Development Agency

Web Development Agency

A web development agency is responsible for making a website for your business that your consumers can use effectively and productively. By working with different coding languages, they make sure that your website is up and running with creative designs and interactive features so that your consumers get the best outlook of your business. It creates and interests and grabs the audience’s attention. 


1. Reliability

Because this is a company whose aim is to help their customer get the best results, a web development agency is reliable and valid. You, as a business, can rely on the agency, whichever you choose, because they aim to make you happy and provide you with what you desire. They finish their work on time, are organized, and make sure they meet all the deadlines. 

2. Team Work

Unlike freelancers, in a web development agency, there are different teams that work in various fields. These teams contain highly-skilled professionals that help create the perfect product that you will most definitely be pleased with. Also, as they are a team, they will get work done faster and more efficiently. 

3. Open Communication

Communication with the team that is handling certain aspects or just the agency, in general, is easy. The whole concept f a web development agency is to listen to the client and build a rapport. This way, they will listen to you, and you will feel that your ideas and your needs are being heard and taken care of. If you wish to change something or add something, it can be easily done because communication, for a web development agency, is key for progress and success. 

4. Maintenance 

A web development agency not only helps build your website into an interactive one but also helps fix things. If your website develops an error or a bug appears, you can call up your agency, and they will come and fix this. This way, the trust between you, the consumer, and them, the producer, will become stronger, and reliability and stability will increase. 


1. Expensive

The only downfall of web development agencies is that they tend to be a bit expensive in comparison to a freelance developer. Though the market is filled with different web development agencies, it is important to mention that most are expensive, but most offer excellent work with high reliability and stability quotient. Their expensive fee falls under their excellent professionals who work as a team to provide you with the best website, that will help build your business and create a user-friendly base with your audience. 

With all the pros and cons mentioned, it is easy to say which one has an edge over the other. Simply, the web development agency has a monumental edge over freelance developers only because they provide better security, stability, and reliability. They have a team of professionals with a varying range of specialties and expertise and will help you and put your needs first. 

Freelancers are usually one person who has a list of expertise, and though they wish to help, sometimes they just cannot do all the work alone, and work can get delayed. The only benefit that seems to matter when freelancers are concerned is that they have flexible hours, so if they are someone who is organized, they will get your work done faster, and they are less expensive. Because they are less expensive and have their own rate, you can hire one, and it will cost you less than hiring a team. 

So, now it all comes down to you, the business owner. What do you prefer? A freelancer developer or a web development agency? The pros and cons of each are in front of you so now you can make an easy decision. Whatever you decide, you know you’ll do right by your business.