Clarify Your Message With a Brand Script

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Andrej Hribernik

The attention span of humans was calculated to be 12 seconds at the start of this millennium. New research, however, has proven that due to the rapid developments in technology and everything is readily available, that attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. Such a development has numerous implications, perhaps one of the most interesting being that it is difficult now, more than ever, to be able to market a new product to a consumer.

Whatever the causes of such a significant flaw, one thing remains certain, that our brains are more willing to listen to stories, either in the form of movies, books, or even songs. So an idea is put forward, what if the advertising of a product, was changed into a story. The advertisements of KFC come to mind, where they would show the journey of the chicken, from farm to fryer, making some sort of story that would be more appealing to the viewer's eyes.

The question is, can the art of storytelling be reborn for the brand? Can the brand make a profit based on this old art? The art of storytelling dates back to a few centuries, where it holds immense importance. Even to date, storytelling is an effective way to communicate the message. Deciphering the main idea or a purpose behind the story, identifying a lesson could make things easier for the entrepreneurs. The story features hero’s, it talks about how a happy scenario was shaken and disturbed and who further restored it. The story could be the story of your brand, the heroes can be the offerings of the brands, and the people benefitting from the offerings are the consumers.

The art of storytelling is appreciated far and wide. It simply makes things easier to understand and comprehend for the people.

In this article you will find:

  1. Brand Story
  2. What Keeps The Story Alive?
  3. The New Prominence
  4. Brand Script Helps Clarify The Messages
  5. A Story Loop For The Brand
  6. Deliver Effective Messages Through Your Brand Script
  7. How to Write a Brand Script For Your Brand (step by step)
A Brand Script will remove all the confusion and make your business memorable.
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Brand Story

A brand story is simply a story. It is a coherent chronicle or a narrative of what the brand is, what are its values, the mission, the vision, what holds value for the brand, what is the reason behind its creation, what are its offerings. Basically, a brand story defines the purpose of existence for a particular brand.

A story is not only just bragging and describing the brand to the audience. The story appeals to the audience on emotional levels where they are able to connect with it.

Storybrand Roadmap

What Keeps The Story Alive?

Keeping the story of your brand alive is yet another difficult task. The brand story, which focuses on the attributes it offers, the vision, the mission, its creation, all of these can become boring and will often lead you to the brand story fading away in the competition. What keeps the story alive in the minds of the reader is emotional resonance. If the consumers are able to resonate with the brand story, they are certainly not forgetting it anytime soon. Emotionally appealing to your target market holds the utmost importance in this regard. Your viewers should be emotionally connected to your brand story and further to the brand offerings.

The New Prominence

With the rise of social media, the brand story ad, its purpose has constantly been evolving as the competition tends to increase each passing day. The more the competition is, the more are the brands in the market. The more the number of brands in the more brand stories exists. This particularly means that you are not a single isolated storyteller. You are a storyteller with many more storytellers, repeating and telling their stories to the same target audience. In order to stand out and not fade away in all the noise, one has to be unique and distinctive in their stories.

The traditional style of communicating the brand to the customer was done through a one-way stream. It was that the story was formulated in the offices and was told to the viewers’ through traditional marketing strategies newspapers etc. these days, there is a significant shift in these strategies as social media has taken everything at its own hand. The story that you can try to communicate now rests in the hands of your customers, your potential target market, your follower, the number of re-tweet, and the comments which people make on the brand. The more the awareness of the brand, the louder could the story echo in the midst of all the competition.

Brand Script Helps Clarify The Messages

The brand script is a kind of short brand story. This kind of story is to the point, and it tends to deliver the right message to the viewers. It helps you identify all the important elements of the story. Just as any script is important for the story, so is a brand script. The brand script helps you identify who your main character is in the story. According to the scripts, the main character of effective brand stories is the consumer. The next important part of the brand script is the desire, the touchpoint, the issue, the pain that the main character may experience. Basically, it is the need that can be either created or which exists already. Furthermore, like any other story script, the brand script needs the resolving of the issue faced by the main characters. The solution could be what the brand offers. It could be the brand’s product or service. In order to make the story stand out, one can add more credibility to it. Furthermore, the next and one of the most important elements of the brand story is to provide an apparent reason due to which people will not only read your story, but they will b able to resonate with it. The stronger the elements of the brand script are, the more the brand story can be effective. An effective brand story can work wonders to make any brand a market leader.

A Story Loop For The Brand

Creating a story loop for the brand is yet another distinctive and unique way of presenting the brand story. The major focus should be on creating your brand as an answer to the raised queries of the specified target market. Effective marketers focus on positioning the brand as the most effective answer for the question, the problem or the need the target audience and the potential customers may have.

The story loop is created more effectively when you begin your story with such loops that work in catching and maintain the viewers’ attention. The focus may not be on answering what you questioned in the loop. The main focus is to create a buzz, hype, a need for the viewers to continue listening to the story you are about to tell. As for brands, one creates such loops around the main offering which the brand has to give.

Effective loops created by the story features questions which in a way, agitates the pain points, the main areas to focus on; it rubs their wounds and offers a solution. The story should be built in a way that the only possible solution for resolving the pain point would be to by, consume, or own the product the brand offers. The product is the optimum solution for the pain. The product should not be offered directly, this way it can fade away from the active mind of the viewer, and they will not be bothered by what you have to offer. The situation changes a bi when you talk about an already existing pain that the viewers are experiencing and then offer the solution, which is our product. This strategy may lead you to attain more customers.

Deliver Effective Messages Through The Brand Script

The message the brand tries to deliver has to be extremely well furnished in terms of what story they tell what they are communicating. The ideal message that every brand aims to deliver is the core beliefs as to why should one choose their brand, why should one by their product, what sets the brand apart, what are the values and beliefs it holds. The main message that the brand aims to deliver should be given more emphasis on as it shapes all the future brand stories it will be willing to tell about catching the attention of the customers. The most effective way to communicate with the potential target market is to deliver a story with which most of the people from are actively able to resonate with. Featuring the brand script can lead you to develop clear messages about what is the offering of the brand, what are the potential touch pints it aims at resolving, the ultimate solution to their queries.

The brand script effectively works on streamlining the message that the brand tends to deliver to all the potential customers. It helps the brand to clearly deliver the right message, which will be efficient and effective in convincing the customer over purchasing the product. The last solution to the query is always the purchase of the product or service, which needs to be focused at all times.

A Brand Script will remove all the confusion and make your business memorable.
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How to Write a Brand Script Script for Your Brand

Let's show you how it's done - STEP BY STEP. Example for How to become a freelancer - Freelance Mastery

Answer the following questions:
1. Who's your character?

(What do your customers want as it relates to your product or service)

example: A complete freelance course to start earning on the side now

2. What's his problem?

VILLAIN - is there a root cause of your customers' problems? Can you personify this root cause as a villain? What is the villain in your customer'S story?
EXTERNAL - What is a problem your customers deal with as it relates to your product or service?
INTERNAL - How is this villain making your customers feel?
PHILOSOPHICAL - "Why" is it "just plain wrong" for your customers to be burdened by this problem?

Villain - Stuck at a 9 to 5 job
- I want the freedom to work on my terms
- I feel stuck and frustrated to work the same job in an office every day
- I shouldn't have to be a business owner to get more money with meaningful work that I am passionate about

3. How can you guide him to achieve results?

(don't compete, guide)
Empathy - What brief statement can make that expresses empathy and understanding?
Authority - How can you demonstrate competency in solving your customer's problem?

Empathy: We understand how it feels to be stuck in a 9 to 5 job with an uncertain future
We helped over 100 students to become location independent and get more money by improving their skills.

4. What's your plan for him

PROCESS - Are there 3 or 4 steps your customers can take that would lead them to a sale or explain how they would use your product after the sale?
AGREEMENT - List the agreements you can make with your customers to alleviate their fears of doing business with you.

Empathy: We understand how it feels to be stuck in a 9 to 5 job with an uncertain future
We helped over 100 students to become location independent and get more money by improving their skills.

5. Call Them to Action?

DIRECT - What is your direct call to action?
TRANSITIONAL - What transitional calls to action will you use to on-ramp customers?

Direct - Enroll Now
- Download a checklist
- Download a case study
- See testimonials

"Customers do not take action unless they are challenged to take action"
"Ask them to place an order"

6. How does success look like?

List the positive changes your customers will experience if they use your product of service

example: Work from whenever you choose to on whatever is meaningful to you.

7. What does failure look like and how are you planning to avoid that?

List the negative consequences your customers will experience if they don't use your product or service.

- Being stuck in a 9 to 5 job
- Working on a same task for the next few years without learning more skills
- Not being able to build your portfolio
- Not being able to earn more money

8. How does his transformation look like?

FROM - How was your customer feeling about themselves before they used your product or service?
TO - Who will your customers become after they use your product or service? What is their aspirational identity?

From: Being stuck in a career with little or no chance of advancement
To: Having the freedom of choosing your career, time, income and level of skill.